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Green Cow Energy Consultants,LLC is a group of expert energy consultants dedicated to helping homeowners reduce energy costs and live more comfortably in their home.

We work for HOMEOWNERS, not a contractor!

Our mission is to provide homeowners with superior energy analysis independent of contractors and suppliers in order to provide an unbiased evaluation of a home’s energy efficiency and make specific, practical recommendations that lower energy bills and increase comfort.

Our team brings nearly two decades of combined experience in energy auditing, solar electricity (solar PV), pool solar (thermal solar), and energy efficient HVAC and windows consulting.

We also use our eight years of experience managing a national group purchasing company to identify the best and most reliable suppliers and contractors in each sector of residential energy efficiencies. We then negotiate group buying discounts with them to compete for your business.

At Green Cow Energy Consultants we don’t try to close a sale, we work hard to open a long term relationship with happy customers.

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