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Comfortable climate in your home and the size of your energy bills are determined by many factors including how well your home is sealed against leaking air in or out, wall and attic insulation, the age, type, and efficiency of your windows, heating and cooling systems, and your home’s orientation to the sun and shading.

Watch this U.S. Dept of Energy video to get an overview of what a detailed home energy inspection looks for and reveals about your home and how to make it a more comfortable and energy efficient place to live.

Green Cow Energy Consultants identify the conditions in your home that are causing discomfort and high energy bills. We then offer you a solutions roadmap to increased comfort and lower energy bills.

Home Energy Inspection Services to Meet All Needs

Title 24 Energy Reports

For Building Permits
  • Certified Energy Plans Examiner (CEPE)
  • Documented Energy Report
  • Needed for All Bulding Permits
  • Energy Pro Software
  • Load Calculations
  • Energy Modeling
  • Please Provide Plans
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HERS II Whole House Rating

For Energy Efficient Mortgage's (EEM's)
  • Certified HERS II Rater
  • Blower Door Home Leakage Test
  • Duct Leakage & Location Tests
  • Refrigerant Charge Measurement
  • Cooling Coil Airflow + Fan/Watt Draw
  • Document Preparation: CF-1R, CF-4R, CF-6R
  • HERS II Whole House Rating Report & Certificate
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